Year 1 Visit to Starcross Church!

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Kittiwake detectives investigating St. Paul’s Church!


Pupils were the definition of superb detectives on their trip to St. Paul’s church on Monday 20th May. Our detectives thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get a closer look at key features of the church: the font, pulpit, lecterns and stained glass windows. Through close examination, they were able to describe key features of the church and enquire about the function of each feature.


The investigation of St. Paul’s church was assisted by Claire, who informed pupils about the key features and history of the church! Claire was not only keen to share the story of St. Paul’s, as depicted on the church’s stained glass windows, but to answer the abundance of quality questions our detectives had to ask.


Pupils enquired about the function of the font, lectern and church bell; the importance of the Bible and the cross, as well as the history of Christianity. All of our questions were patiently answered by Claire, who knew the church like the back of her hand!


We have learnt so much about St. Paul’s church and Christianity through our investigation and are eager to share what we’ve learnt. We are also extremely thankful to Claire at St. Paul’s church for assisting in our investigation!


Many thanks to all the adults who helped with our visit, and Jess from Razorbills who was a fantastic role model to our younger children.


We hope you enjoy looking at some of our photos from Monday.

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