WOW, WOW and WOW! What a night!

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The children and staff at Starcross decided to put on a Charity Concert to help support Miss Houghton, Mrs Baker and Miss Mann in their sponsorship for Action for A-T. This is the charity they decided to support with the Cotswold Challenge 50km walk happening this Saturday (we shall be mostly sitting on Monday!)

A huge THANK YOU to all the fantastic performers last night. It was incredible to watch such talent on display and to see the children and staff coming together to help raise money for such a good cause. There was a range of acts from gymnasts, dancers, singers, musicians and comedy!

A huge THANK YOU to all the parents/relatives/carers who came and supported. The evening was only as successful as it was because you were part of the audience. Not only that however, you gave generously too. Thanks to all your contributions. We raised £430 last night for the charity!

More THANKS also needs to go to all the staff who helped behind the scenes. Staff helped with setting up, auditions, working with the children to tweak their acts, being flexible in the classroom to allow children to practise (even when it was really disruptive – sorry!). Also, to the PTFA for letting us use their supplies for refreshments and then donating the money raised to the charity too.

Finally, THANKS to my fellow walkers Miss Houghton and Mrs Baker for all their support in organising the event. All three of us are overwhelmed by everyone’s support.

Miss Mann

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