World Book Day and Scholastic Book Fair

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Dear parents and carers,

Just a reminder about World Book Day this Thursday (5th March 2020)

On Thursday, we also have a visit by a space dome and next week is Science week. To stay with this theme, we are suggesting that if they would like to the children can dress up as an astronaut, explorer, or scientist. These can be from a story or real (perhaps they could find some information about a real person either from a non-fiction book or online).

If your child would prefer not to dress up, they could bring an accessory to represent their chosen real or fictional astronaut, explorer or scientist. Please don’t worry too much about this – it is just a way to make connections with the work we will be doing in school around the same time. Perhaps your child has a favourite character who could become an explorer or take a trip to space!

We would also like them to bring in to share any books they have at home which are on the theme of space, scientists or explorers (fiction or non-fiction).

During the day, the children will have the opportunity to share their books in class and take part in some World Book Day activities.

Our apologies – the date given in the last email for the Scholastic Book Fair was incorrect. It is in fact coming on 17th March when we will have a preview day, followed by book sales on 18th, 19th, 20th and 23rd March. The children will be given £1 World Book Day tokens on World Book Day, which they can either swap for one of the World Book Day books, spend at a local bookshop or save and use at the fair if they would like.

We look forward to sharing the children’s books on Thursday.

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