Update from Oystercatchers

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Over the past few weeks we have been doing some fantastic art, maths and science which we would like to share.

Our trip to Dartmoor at the end of last term has inspired our artwork. Using watercolours and some of the photos we took, we have produced some brilliant paintings of Hay Tor – which all the children agreed looked like a giant’s foot poking up out of the moor!





In Science we have been learning about the insides of the human body – the circulatory system, organs, bones and more. Molly and Melissa produced this fantastic labelled diagram of the circulatory system, complete with scientific terms like O2, CO2, red blood cells, arteries, veins, lungs and heart. Great work!



In Maths we have been measuring things using a variety of equipment including trundle wheels which you can see here. The children worked in groups to estimate and then measure distances of things on the playground as seen from a satellite photograph via Google Earth.





In History we have been looking at the Tudor period and in particular Tudor Exeter, including the House that moved and some photographs of Exeter’s Tudor shop fronts. We learned about the construction of these buildings and have produced some labelled sketches to show our learning.




In Literacy we were looking at poetry and started out with some poems about Bonfire Night, before learning a little about Remembrance Day and writing some acrostic poems with illustrations.






It’s been a busy term and we haven’t even mentioned Christmas yet!




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