Unearthing Starcross

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As part of the Villages in Action ‘Unearth Starcross’ project, Year 3 were treated to a fantastic day of art and history.

Peter Margerum is a visual artist and his work contributed to the final ‘Unearth Starcross’ performance which was at St. Paul’s Church earlier this month, funded by the Heritage Lottery, and arranged by professional performers, ‘unearthing’ historical stories of Starcross and the surrounding area. The performers have also been working with the local community and Starcross History Group.

Pete told some local history stories before making and creating some visual shadow puppet art. Kate Green came in at the end of the day to document this and take photos that became part of the final performance in the church.

The children had a great day making acetate backgrounds and silhouettes to illustrate some moments of Starcross history, including the famous swan boat, the atmospheric railway and the hospital.

Many thanks to Kate Green and Peter Margerum for running the day, and to Miss Lax for organising it for us!




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