Two different dancing genres!

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Avocets and Razorbills performed their dancing in assembly last week.

Avocets had been studying Ancient China as their topic and had learnt about the famous dragon dancing. They created beautifully crafted dragons heads, all in class contributing to the art. They had learnt that different levels were important as well as being in time with the music. In front of the dragons would be a pearl, which symbolised the pearl of wisdom.

Razorbills on the other hand had been learning how to line dance. Following the street style of ‘Uptown Funk,’ we changed to a completely different genre. In this style, the arms didn’t tend to move as much, mainly the feet and being coordinated to dance as a synchronised group was key. There was also repetition in the routine as each wall of the room was faced.

Thank you to parents who came in to watch the performances. Your support is always appreciated.

Well done Avocets and Razorbills!

Please enjoy the videos.’








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