Superheroes ‘end of term’ party

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This term, our topic in Kittiwakes has been Superheroes, but little did they know, that we have actually been working them all really hard!

Kittiwakes have been writing stories, recounts, riddles and instructions in Literacy.

They have been learning about their bodies and their super senses in Science as well as learning all about animals.

We have looked at maps near and far in Geography – every superhero needs to know where they are going!

Children have learned about superheroes from the past – Florence Nightingale and Mary Secole.

In P.E. we have been practising our super moves and in Maths we have been using our super brain powers to solve missing number problems and be really familiar with all numbers 0-100.

We feel that all of our superhero class deserved a superhero party, as a thank you and very well done to them all, for all of their hard work.  What a super day!

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