Summer Holiday Maths Challenges

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We would like to say a big thank you to those of you who encouraged or supported your child to tackle the Summer Holiday Maths challenges. Many children took part in the challenges, and had fun doing Maths along the way. We have now held the prize draw, and 3 lucky children from each Key Stage have won Toys R Us vouchers for their efforts.

We were impressed with the number of children from Key Stage 2 who took up the challenge and earned points on DoodleMaths, and with the amazing number of points some children achieved! Children from Key Stage 1 had fun measuring, playing games, telling the time and baking. We had some brilliant photographic evidence; it looked like you had a lot of fun!

We really hope you did enjoy the activities, and feel inspired to do some Maths at other times too. Rainy days are good opportunities to play board games or do some baking, and who doesn’t love cake?

The opportunity to bring Maths into every day activities is there more often than you might realise. We hope that the ideas will be useful to you at other times throughout the year.




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