STEM Day 1 in Avocets

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Over the past week, we have had our first STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) days in Year 4.

The initial task was to build a Tudor sailing vessel. We started the day (Thursday 3rd Dec)  by doing some technical drawing of the ship, using our measuring from maths to make sure we were drawing everything accurately. We then did a bird’s eye view of the deck too.

These drawings then became our templates for engineering the vessels.

The drawing and cutting of card was difficult but the ‘crew’ persevered and the ship began to take shape. Once this main deck was finished, the next task was the sails.

These were fashioned out of paper and the masts out of BBQ skewers and cardboard straws. These were posted through the deck and the ship really took shape.

It was a challenging but rewarding day today with lots of happy ‘sailors’ taking home their lovely vessels.

The following day, we looked at the diet and nutrition of sailors at that time and discussed the disease of scurvy. We looked at James Lind as a scientist who conducted the first clinical trial on board a vessel discovering the cause and treatment of scurvy. We then compared this to our diets now. This was the Science element of our STEM days. We also went outside and were challenged with trying to measure 1km with metre sticks or trundle wheels. This would link to some more maths in the next week…

On the final day of our STEM days, the children were tasked with script writing for a pod cast (Technology). They could choose anything they have learnt about the Tudors for this. We are now in the process of recording them all. Also, the children had a huge map of the world and looked at the distance travelled by the Tudor explorers by scaling up (multiplying) distances. Having tried to measure 1km previously, it gave us a sense of the distances travelled.

Alongside this, the children helped to measure and engineer a barrel, which would have been used to store fresh water or flour on board the vessels.

A huge WELL DONE to all of the children across all the days for their effort and enthusiasm! Huge thanks to Mrs Brayley and Miss Fowkes too for all their hard work.

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