States of Important Matters!

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As part of our Science unit (States of Matter), we have been thinking about the differences between each of these states: solids, liquids and gases.

We have even discussed this on a molecular level (!), about how the molecules act in each of them and did a demonstration in class where the children were molecules acting in different ways around the classroom depending on whether they were a solid, liquid or gas! Following this learning, we did an experiment looking at water molecules and how they do try and cling onto each other by seeing how many drops of water we could fit onto a 2p coin before the water spilt. The results were mixed and ranged from 17-60!

Following this, we started to think about chemical processes and how we would turn a solid into a liquid. What better way to demonstrate this point than by having an experiment into ‘Who has the warmest hands?’ After all hands had been washed, the children had a piece of chocolate each, we agreed how we should hold it for fair testing and after 15 minutes looked at whose had melted the most! The photos of the 3 with the warmest hands are part of the slide show.
We hope you enjoy the photos of our Science!

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