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We are delighted to announce to all parents, carers, families and all of our partners, that we have begun our mission to make Starcross a greener place for everyone, whilst raising valuable money for the children of the school. You are also invited to attend our launch meeting on Wednesday, 22nd January, in the school hall at 6p.m.

As the latest member of the SOLAR SCHOOLS initiative, we are trying to raise £16,000 to allow us to install our very own SOLAR PV SYSTEM on our roof. When installed, this will:

  • Provide the school with free electricity
  • Save the school £6000 – £8000 per year
  • Educate the children and the community about a greener future

Any savings to the school will be put straight back in to provide:

  • extra staffing to support the children
  • more school trips
  • better outdoor and indoor facilities
  • better support for computing in school
  • more books for the library
  • more visitors to school e.g. science shows etc.
  • investment into building improvements

In order to get things off the ground, as we stated above, there will be a grand launch for everyone involved, where you will be able to learn more about how you can help, plus give your ideas on how we can raise as much as possible TOGETHER. Our local business suppliers and partners have also been invited, so if you have your own business and wish to donate, then please follow the business link below.

Please follow these links to the official letter for parents, and also the letter for businesses that we are sending out.

letter to parents advertising solar launch 13th january 2014

letter to business partners highlighting project 14th january 2014

We are really excited about this project, which is why it is vitally important that you all attend, as it will benefit ALL of the children at this school. Refreshments will be available, with all donations going towards this project.


Mr. I. and the team

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