Space Dome! Science Week post 1…

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Welcome to Science Week!

We kick-started Science Week with a visit from the Space Dome. Each of the classes from pre-school right up to Year 6 were able to enter the dome and experience space.

It was a wonderful arena for the children to learn about space travel, our solar system and modern day scientists/astronauts working in the field and was a fantastic start to our Science (STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) week.

The children seemed to really enjoy themselves inside it and were overheard talking about their experience afterwards.

Thank you to Simon from Space Odyssey for bringing the dome into school. Thank you also to all the parents who kindly gave a donation for this experience. Without those vital contributions, this just wouldn’t happen.

Finally, thanks to the PTFA who are going to make up the difference in the cost. You really are a credit to this school.

Apologies for the cancellation of the dome after school and any disappointments. There was an unforeseen circumstance. Unfortunately, these things happen.

Please enjoy some photos below.

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