South West Water Visit – Science Week post 3…

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To kick start Science Week, KS2 were visited by South West Water.

They came in to teach the children about the importance of water and how to conserve it. It’s a precious commodity and we are very fortunate in this country to turn a tap on and have clean water coming out of it.

The children were also taught about filtration and how water gets cleaned so that we can drink it. As you can see from the photos below, the children started with dirty water and by the end of the filtration process, the water was very clean. (Note: none of the children drank this though!)

It was lovely to see how astonished the children were to see how clean the water got again after the filtering.

Huge thanks to Terry and Matt from South West Water for the effort they put in to giving the children this experience.

Please enjoy the photos below.



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