Solar Schools Launch Night!

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Well, tonight is the big night, and I’m hoping to see as many parents as possible at the launch meeting for our solar schools project.

I’m really hoping that the parents, carers and community members will get on board with what we are trying to achieve, but also will be able to give us those all-important ideas on how to best raise the funds that we need.

I’m glad to say that I’ve already been offered £1000 towards the project from Councillor Alan Connett From his community fund. What a great start to proceedings, and many thanks for that. I’m sure you’ll agree, though, that there is a LONG way to go, so it’s really important that we all work together to get the result that we want.


Please remember – It’s your school, so PLEASE GET INVOLVED!



please follow the link below to access the website and donate whatever you can!

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