Soap Sculptures

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In Razorbills today, the children found out that our new topic was going to be on Ancient Maya and the Mayans. We quickly discovered that our knowledge was limited in this area, which Miss Mann thought was a good thing so that we could learn about the civilization together.

We had a quick look at some facts linked with the Mayans as a starter, but the main focus of the lesson was for the children to sculpt a Mayan God out of soap!

We discussed sculptures first and what our thoughts of sculptures were. We also thought about traditional materials for sculptures before it was revealed that soap would be the material today! The children then needed to choose a God, draw it into their sketch book and think about how to make their image 3d. Following this, they had a bar of soap each and needed to carve (using pottery tools) out their Mayan God.

When we discussed 3d sculpture, we generally agreed that is it a hard skill regardless of the material used as so much care was needed in order to avoid any mistakes that could make the material crumble, chip or break.

Here are some of the designs and carvings.

Well done Razorbills!












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