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We have noticed recently that there are several children, across the whole school, who are finding it more difficult to concentrate and complete work on Mondays. When asked, they have informed us that they are sometimes going to bed at very late times indeed, and are often using devices in bed before they go to sleep.

Of course, we are not the parents of your children, and you may feel that the arrangements you have in place for bedtimes work for you.

If this is not the case, please look at the letter that came out on 21st June, which gives some nice advice from the NHS, and also Healthline. You might find some of the information really interesting, especially the guidelines on the amount of sleep needed. There is definitely a correlation between the amount of sleep we get, and our ability to function the next day, and hopefully this information will be useful. The link is below

Sleep Guidance For Parents June 2019

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