SCUBA Try dives in the Pool!

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The Year 5 and 6 children had an opportunity to try something a little different and give SCUBA diving a go in our pool!

Lots of the children decided to take up the challenge and were absolutely brilliant across both afternoons. Some, I am sure, were once mermaids or mermen in a previous life because they were under in the blink of an eye! Others, although a little nervous, worked through those nerves bravely with one of the adults and were submerged by the end of the session or had their faces in the water. It was a very proud teacher moment for me to see children conquer their fears or simply try something they had never done before. What an enormous achievement for you!

Many thanks to Teign Divers ( for letting the event take place and especially to Lauren (Dive instructor) for coming and helping to supervise and educate the children. Also, thanks to Claire (Dive Master in training) for her support and encouragement throughout both sessions.

A huge well done to all of you fabulous SCUBA divers! Please enjoy the photos.




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