SCUBA-tastic Year 5 and 6’s!

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Last week on Tuesday and Friday (end of June), these amazing Year 5 and 6 children had a try dive with SCUBA equipment in our pool.

The children were in small groups and had a briefing about the equipment, before diving straight in and having a try out. They started on the surface just to become accustomed to the equipment, then bravely took the plunge to the depths of the pool! Some of the children had tried it last year and wanted another go, which I was delighted to see!

As you can see from the pictures, the children did a fantastic job. Even those who were nervous initially, managed to get under the water and SCUBA dive. Definitely some future divers there.

Many thanks to Teign Divers, Teignmouth for their support in organising this event for the children, especially Lauren for being in the pool with us. If anyone wants any further information, they are brilliant. Give them a call or drop in!

Words cannot express how proud all the children made me feel of them. Their willingness, courage and sense of adventure to try something new. Very proud teacher moment.

All the children have their own photo as a keep sake. There are just a selection on here. Please enjoy!

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