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Dear All

You might be aware of the fact that by 2022, all schools have to have entered into some form of formal partnership with other schools, and despite uncertainty in the past, the government are not changing their mind regarding this.

Last year, the Governing Board of Starcross Primary School began investigations towards forming or joining a Multi Academy Trust (MAT), however decided to wait until it was known for certain whether the Conservative Government would still be in control over the country’s education system.

That is now,m of course, known, so we would like to inform you that the school has begun to investigate the formation of a MAT in conjunction with two secondary schools, and a very small selection of primary schools.

The school has not committed to any course of action, and this is not a certainty by any means, however the link to the letter for parents explains what is currently happening.

You may have heard of schools having negative experiences when they have joined such groups; however, in looking to form our own MAT with other like-minded schools, we are looking to preserve our unique ethos, our own governing body, and maintain the existing high standards that we have, and our recent inspection and our current position gives us, like all schools who are investigating, a sure footing on which to build for the future.

Please note that all schools will have either joined a MAT, or will have formed a collaboration by 2022. If we do not act, we will be forced by the Regional Schools’ Commissioner to join one of their choosing, which might not suit us at all. The school is being very proactive, in organising this potential shift on our terms, and with only positive results in mind.

As parents, you will be invited (of course) to take place in formal consultation regarding this, and your opinions are important.

The link to the letter is below. A hard copy will go out to parents tomorrow.

We are very excited indeed about the prospects for the future, and the strengths that we can share with others, and build upon through possible collaboration.

Kind Regards

Iannis Ireland

Head Teacher

letter to parents re MAT investigation 26th June 2017

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