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We were delighted today to hold our first full school council meeting of the academic year. The school council members, chosen by their peers, are responsible for ensuring that the pupil voice is heard, and in the first meeting with the new council, they didn’t hold back! As well as promising to ask their classes lots of questions regarding new equipment for the school and fund raising ideas, they had a few suggestions of their own, such as internal decorations for the chat shack, and plans for making the outside of the building more exciting.

The curriculum in class is equally important, and at the next meeting we will be tabling a discussion about the new curriculum and what the children feel is necessary to improve what is taught at school, while we are still adding to it since the new curriculum from central government was adopted. Who better to ask than the people who are learning?

Anyway, here are the school council members, and I am really looking forward to working with them.

Each meeting has minutes taken, and these will appear on the website from next week so that anyone can see how effective the pupils are in helping to run their school.

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