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This is just a short message to inform everyone that due to the amber weather warning for the region tonight and especially tomorrow, The school has taken the decision to close tomorrow. This is in order to safeguard children and their families from accident or injury whilst travelling to and from school, and also to protect staff also, many of whom live a significant distance away from school.

Devon and Cornwall Police also issued a statement a short while ago, advising against travelling unless absolutely necessary on Thursday and Friday.

The school understands that closure can be an inconvenience to users, and we apologise in advance for this, however it is not a decision that has been taken lightly.

The decision to open or not on Friday will be taken when conditions for travelling and safety of all users has been considered tomorrow afternoon, and you will be notified via text and email.

If, unfortunately, the school remains closed, then Heart FM and BBC radio Devon will also be informed, so please stay tuned for information via all of these channels.

I have already received reports of heavy snow disrupting schools in various parts of Devon, and a significant number of schools have closed today, and have already notified the LA that they are presuming to be closed tomorrow. We will wait, however, before making this decision.


Kind Regards

Mr. Ireland


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