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As you know, the school tests its seven- and eleven-year-old children each year, using the SAT tests. These results go a long way to helping school not only to measure the school’s success, but also act as a guide for new secondary schools when the children move on.

As a parent, I’m sure that you would like your child to do their very best when they are tested next week (12th May – 16th May).

Please read the letter to parents from the Puffins class teacher, Mrs. Vanderford, in order that you can see how you as a parent or carer can help next week. I’m sure it’s common sense, but please take the time to read our information, as you may find some valuable information that could help you. Just follow the link below. There are also some key dates for Year 6 children as well that you might want to jot down in your diary.

sats advice for parents may 2014




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