Romans, Dumnonii and Razorbills, lend me your ears!

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On Thursday 17th March, we were not Razorbills but the Dumnonii tribe. We had heard that the Romans had invaded Britain in AD43 and were heading down towards the South West with their army. We had decisions to make that day. Do we fight, flee or join the Romans?

Initially, the tribe were keen to fight, but there was a Roman messenger (Oliver Martin) who was sent ahead to explain what the Roman’s wanted when they came onto Dumnonii lands.

After his initial visit, the tribe were very suspicious and strategies were developed by the Elite Warriors and the clan to find out more information by spying on the Roman. We studied our way of life (through the handling of artefacts/clothing) Did we want to lose the tribes’ identity?

After this, the Roman tried to persuade us more that the Roman way was the only option open to us. He showed us Roman weaponry, clothing, foods, pottery, armour etc to help our decision making. Again, as a tribe we tried to make our decisions; some were already persuaded to join the Romans by this stage, whereas others were still undecided.

Finally, the Roman showed us some of their war strategies and how we would be attacked with discipline, fitness and tactics. Some of the tribe were able to handle some of the weaponry (under supervision!) and made use of the Roman shields we had made. By the end of this demonstration, the majority of the tribe were convinced to join the Romans and to live in relative peace.

Thank you Oliver Martin for such an inspiring day, teaching and showing us about the Romans in Devon. Also, many thanks to the other classes and parents who came in to enjoy the demonstration on the playground at the end of the day.

It was a great day for all of us!

Check out the photos and videos below.





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