Razorbills design a Millennium Garden shelter

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In Technology, the Razorbills have been investigating different frame structures.

Earlier in the year, we were set the following challenge by our Chair of Governors:

Mr Broom is working on ideas to develop and improve our playground. One of the areas he would like to change is the Millennium Garden. He would like you to use your knowledge of structures to design a shelter to go in the Millennium Garden. Mr Broom and some of the other Governors will look at your designs and will choose the best one, which Mr Broom will make to go in the garden. You will need to make careful drawings of your design, and you will need to make a scale model, showing what it will look like when it is completed.

The Razorbills have been working hard on their designs, and during our last Technology lesson Mr Broom came to look at our ideas and give advice on how we can develop them into brilliant shelters. He spent time talking to each group, and we have been able to improve our designs using his suggestions.

The next step is for us to make a model of our design, to show what the finished product will look like. Mr Broom was impressed with how creative the Razorbills are and is looking forward to their presentations, when they will share their final designs and models.

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