Razorbills and Avocets Perform in Assembly!

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On Wednesday, we were treated to a dance performance by Avocets and Razorbills.

Avocets showed their version of the iconic dance by Michael Jackson, Thriller! It was something we had started to do last term as our dance unit. The children learnt elements from the actual routine but also had opportunities to add their own choreography in small groups.

Razorbills performed their gum boot dancing. This dance originated in South Africa in the mines. These children also had some sections where they worked in small groups, as well as a section in canon where each group built up to a crescendo where all were dancing again in unison. If you would like to know more about the origin of gum boot dancing, please speak to the children in Razorbills!

We also had a look at the Roman dancing the Oystercatchers had done, which had been videoed previously. To watch this video, click here 

Well done to all 3 classes!

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