Pupil Premium and Sports Premium

As you may or may not be aware, the school is allocated money each year to help close the gaps that exist in some schools nationally between children in various groups. The school receives two such grants, one called the pupil premium and another named the sports premium.

The school is obliged to publish documents on how we spend these sums of money. The sports premium is allocated for each child in the school, whilst the pupil premium is allocated for children who are in receipt of free school meals.

Please follow the links to the documents below which highlight how we are spending these sums of money.


Sports Premium Report 15 Р16

Sports Premium Expenditure-2016-17

Sports Premium expenditure 2017-18

Sports Premium expenditure 2018-19

Sports Premium expenditure 2019-20


starcross pupil premium expenditure report 2014 2015 

starcross-pupil-premium-expenditure-report-2015 2016

starcross-pupil-premium-expenditure-report-2016 2017

starcross-pupil-premium-expenditure-report-2017-2018 (2)