Puffins make music!

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The Puffins have been privileged to have Devon Music Hub loan us some electronic music equipment in order for us to learn how to make and create music.

We have been focusing our efforts using a Mac program called ‘Garageband’ and exploring the different ways to use it to make our pieces of music. The program consists of many different digital audio workstation tools including audio recording, virtual software instruments, a live loops library and various D.J. sound samplers and effects. In addition to this, we also talked about how songs are structured in order to ‘hook’ listeners on and how this can used within our songs.

The children have then be tasked (individually or in pairs) to produce a small sample of music using Garage-band that consist of 2 (or more) pieces of music within the same song. The songs parts must differ by means of additional or reduced instruments, different patterns and rhythms e.g. a chorus line and a verse line.

Please click on the links to hear what they have come up with!


Dylan & Summa:

Emily & Ellie May:

Erin & Tayler:

George & Kurtus:


Kacy & Riley:

Kassie & Paige:


Ollie & Ewan:

Poppy & Maisy:

Riley & Kacey:


Tilly & Lauren:


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