Puffins Children Reach New Manga High!

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There’s a real buzz about Maths at Starcross primary School at the moment, and as we continue our efforts to develop the children’s mathematical skills, the Puffins class have started using a fantastic new website – MANGAHIGH – in order to develop their ability to calculate and understand better the principles of mathematics in a fun way.

With every child registered as part of the school on the website, they have been participating in fun games such as

  • Pinata fever
  • Bidmas Blaster
  • Pyramid panic
  • Flower Power

amongst others. They have also registered their scores on world leaderboards, and are highly motivated by seeing how they compare to other schools around the world.

Some parents have commented on the fact that their children have been highly motivated to use the website at home to play maths games, and here are some interesting facts about the impact of this website on other schools, from a recent survey of 60 teachers:

  • Students do 4 times as much maths in the same amount of time on MangaHigh when compared to traditional resources
  • 40% of students said that they voluntarily spent more time on their maths homework when it involved the use of MangaHigh
  • Over a 2 month period in this research, students who used this website saw an overall improvement of 17% in their test scores (11 schools took part in this research)

There are clearly benefits, and after a fantastic parents’ meeting delivered by Miss Smith recently to highlight changes to the Maths curriculum, we are dleighted to see that the children (and parents) are highly motivated to get involved. As Head Teacher, I’m completely hooked on Pinata Fever, and I’m glad to be able to say that beating the scores of the children is becoming very hard indeed!

If you want to know more about the website, then please go to www.mangahigh.com to see for yourself what fun the children are having.


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