Plymouth Aquarium

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On Wednesday 19th June, our Year 1’s traveled to Plymouth Aquarium to explore life beneath the waves!

Upon arrival, we were greeted by our guide for the day – Loveday. She had many interesting facts and animals to show us! We started our trip in the Plymouth Sound rock pool room where we met local lobsters and starfish. Next we went through the shark tunnel at the bottom of the tank, which was quite scary as there were sharks and stingrays swimming above our heads! What a sight! We also played a listening game that taught us about the amazing hearing underwater animals have.


We spent the rest of our afternoon split between workshops and shows. During our workshops, we had to scientifically investigate things such as the amount of salt it takes to make an animal float and the different ways underwater animals eat plankton. Next, we saw scuba divers swimming in the big tank, keeping up with maintenance of the tank! We also got a chance to brush up on our diver talk.


Finally, we participated in the ‘Superheroes of the Sea’ show. We pretended to be an octopus, a marlin and a parrot fish! We have thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Plymouth Aquarium and we hope the photos share some light on that! A massive thank you to Mrs. Partridge, Mr. Broom and Mrs Grocock for all their help on the trip!


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