Planting Broad Bean seeds in Kittiwakes!

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Last week we started looking at a new Science Topic in Year 1. We are learning all about PLANTS!


This is a very exciting and practical topic and we all have lots of existing knowledge to contribute to class discussions.


We have learned how to label a diagram of a plant using the terms; flower, stem, leaf and roots, and we have talked about the names of the plants and flowers that we already know.


On Monday we all planted our own Broad Bean seeds. We all used plant pots very kindly donated from Mrs Jasper! She remembers us every year! We also used a seed, some compost and a name label. We watered our plants and we will look after them over the next four weeks. Hopefully they will all grow really well!!!


We are going to document our plants’ progress, and sequence its growth in a weekly Bean Diary. We are also going to continue ‘working scientifically’ as we are conducting some experiments with some extra seeds. For these plants, we will vary the amount of light and water each plant gets and regularly discuss the results!


Our daily ‘special helpers’ will monitor the plants. These children will make sure that our plants have had some water and sunlight every day.


We will have to remember to give the plants a good ‘drink’ of water on Fridays to keep them going over the weekend!


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