Parents – Please monitor social media

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As you know, keeping your children safe online is of the utmost importance to us.

We have recently held e-safety seminars at school, and actively encourage all parents to use filters at home, and monitor closely the sites and apps that your children are using. This includes social media.

We have recently been alerted by Devon County Council to make sure that we make parents and carers aware of a potentially dangerous social media challenge named “THE BLUE WHALE GAME.”

It consists of daily challenges, which start off small, but which then have escalated to more sinister levels, whereby those taking part are challenged to hurt themselves, or in some cases, even worse.

At school, children do not have access to any social media at all, and all of their internet use is logged via our servers and we will always know when the children are using the machines.

In the interests of safety, we would implore you to make sure that you are monitoring your child’s internet sessions carefully, as this particular online challenge has resulted in many, many injuries, and it is suspected, many many worse outcomes for young people too.

We want every child, every day, to be safe, both at school and when not in attendance. We are notifying you as soon as possible, so that you can be aware, and work with us to protect all children form the dangers that exist online.

Thank you

Mr. Ireland & The School Leaders.

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