School Meals

School Meals and Menus:

We are extremely lucky to be able to provide our children with a varied and healthy menu, created by Claire and Laura from our own kitchen.

If you would like some more information regarding school meals, please come into the office.

Should your child have a dietary requirement and is under instruction from a consultant, dietitian or GP we will do everything we can to accommodate them and their needs.  You will need to complete a “Special Diet” form, a special menu will be designed in consultation with parents and diet specialists.

special diet referral form

The school meal prices are £2.30 – All lunches are paid for using School Money, please speak to the school office to obtain a password for this system.

This menu runs from October 2020 – April 2021

Lunch Menu Oct 20 – April 21

You may also be eligible for free school meals and you can find more information from your school office or Devon County Council here.

Advice by Devon County.