Oystercatcher’s Update

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Pen licences

Well done to Ani who has earned her pen licence this week!


Worker of the week and special mentions

Melissa was chosen on Friday as our worker of the week. She was chosen for being one of the first recipients of the Oystercatchers Pen Licence.

Oscar B and Ani were chosen for a special mention as they put lots of effort into their handwriting.

Jessica and Molly were chosen for a special mention for volunteering to be our Computer monitors for Oystercatchers.

Mrs Tremlett’s maths were chosen for a special mention for their hard work at a very complex maths challenge. If you want to see what they were trying out check out this link.


Artwork this week

We have been looking at famous Scottish Castles this week in our art lesson. The first finished ones have been put up in the classroom in this display.

(click image to enlarge)




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