Oystercatchers trip to Bath!

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On Friday Oystercatchers visited the Roman Baths in the city of Bath. After a monumental coach trip of two and a half hours, we arrived and were very excited!

We walked around the baths and learned about life in Roman Britain. We saw steaming hot water coming up from the Earth, sculptures and statues from 2000(ish) years ago, and even met a couple of Roman bathers! We saw an actual hypocaust (ask the children what this is if you don’t know), mosaics, coins, and the remains of Roman snacks left at the Baths by hungry Romans.

After lunch we met some of the Roman experts from the baths who taught us about life in “Britannia”, and we got to handle some actual Roman artefacts. Some brave children even tasted the hot spring water! (it wasn’t very nice).

We learned even more about the Romans and had a great time. ​


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