Our first Reading Safari

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Reading ambassadors from Starcross School enjoyed meeting pupils from other Dawlish Learning Partnership Schools to discover new books and enjoy an afternoon of drama at our Reading Safari held at Exminster School.

4 pupils from each school took part in a variety of activities during the afternoon including designing their own Small Book for Big Ideas to take away at the end of the workshop, fun drama sessions and a chance to have a look at a variety of new books hot off the press with Nicola Cowling from the Devon Library Service.

The children were brilliant, getting involved in all the activities during the afternoon and clearly showing their love of books and reading.  The afternoon finished with the children enjoying some juice and cake to celebrate our first ever Reading Safari.

Our Reading Safari adventure started a few weeks ago when each of our primary schools, Exminster, Kenn, Kenton, Starcross, Cockwood, Gatehouse and Westcliff were given £50 to spend on 7 new books suitable for all primary school aged children and including one book recommended by their Headteacher. Pupils were encouraged to take up the role of reading ambassadors and helped to choose and order the books. They were then tasked to read the books and write a book review for each new purchase.

These box of books have now been swapped with another school within the DLP and each school have some new books for their children to read and enjoy. The reading ambassadors will continue to write book reviews for each book in their new box ready to be passed onto the next school in a few weeks time!


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