Musical Mayhem in Science!

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This week, the scientists in Razorbills were challenged to design a musical instrument that had different pitches from some simple items. They were given straws and a balloon!

The challenge came at the end of the unit learning about sound. We had been learning about what sound is, how it travels through different particles, volume, pitch, soundproofing, what our ear looks like inside and how sound changes over distance.

The scientists had devised experiments along the way to help the learning e.g. working out the best material for sound proofing. They had also, in groups, filmed a documentary on sound.

The musical instruments created showed imagination and creativity from the scientists. Some thought designing an instrument like a bagpipe would work, others tried a flute by putting holes into the straws and some created a type of maraca by putting cut straws into the balloon (however, it was difficult to change the pitch with this instrument). A good design for pitch was one that looked like panpipes using different lengths of straw. Some scientists were able to make all sorts of sounds from the balloon alone!

It was a lovely, fun way to end our unit on sound








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