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Hi everyone, and welcome back to a new year at Starcross Primary School!

I hope that each and every one of you has had a fantastic summer break, and whether spending it abroad, or here in the UK, or at home together, I’m glad that you all got a chance to spend some quality time together.

We’re all really looking forward to you coming back to school, and we especially would like to welcome the very youngest children in Sandpipers Class, who are, of course, just beginning their school journey with us. We’re also thrilled to be welcoming the preschool to our team, and we look forward to working with them as part of our wonderful school, and continuing to provide a wonderful start in the Early Years for these children too.

Before we start back, though, there are a few things that I’d like to update you with regarding starting back tomorrow (Wednesday).

Building Work – As you know, we were having some work done over the summer break, to provide new toilet facilities and extra provision for children with specific needs. Due to unforeseen difficulties during the building process, this work was delayed, and should now be completed by the middle of next week. It’s not a huge delay, but enough to create the need for portable toilets for staff in the school grounds, outside the preschool building. It also means that you, as parents, will need to ensure that you continue to enter as before, down the side of the building. Children will be dropped off in the same places as before, however you will have the loos to navigate around. They are fenced off though for safety reasons.

The new preschool building work has pretty much been completed by Mr. Broom, and I must say, it looks fantastic!. There are a couple of touches to be finished up on new changing and toilet facilities for the swimming pool, but once again, we are delighted with this development. I’m sure you will see the real changes taking place now. Please join us in congratulating Mr. Broom on the sterling work.

Start and close of school day – For all parents, including new preschool parents, you will need to remember that the school gates will close at 9 a.m. promptly, and any children from Sandpipers Class upwards, will have to enter via the main office at the cottage door. Preschool parents who are late will have to continue to follow the procedure of moving to the entrance on New RD, and ringing the setting directly, where a member of staff will admit you. Preschool parents must use the side entrance if running late, to avoid congestion.

Preschool afternoon collection – parents collecting preschool children will be asked to leave the premises, as lessons will be continuing outside, and adults can wait (if necessary), in the gated area at the front of the school if they need to, until the side gates are opened once more. This is for safeguarding reasons. The school would ask that if doing so, children are not encouraged to look through classroom windows as this can distract older children from learning, which will be continuing until 3.30 p.m.

As you can see, we have been very, very busy, and all of the staff are very excited about the year ahead. The children enjoyed their fantastic learning experiences last year, and we’ve got an even better year, with a brand new curriculum, planned for them this year too. Here’s to a happy, fun-filled, enjoyable year for everyone.

See you tomorrow!

Kind Regards

Iannis Ireland

Head Teacher


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