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On behalf of the school, I would just like to take the opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas from myself, and all of the wonderful staff at Starcross Primary School. In what has turned out to be a very strange half term on a personal level, I’d like to thank every single one of you out there who have been not only so kind to me personally with your words of support, but also those of you who have been terrifically supportive to the school generally, attending our events and spreading positivity to others. The school is enjoying an all-time high in numbers due to our fantastic reputation in the community for the way in which we support children and their families, and lots of that is down to you. So thank you for that.

The children are a huge credit to themselves and the school, and the new starters (not so new now!) have really settled in well to their new routines and learning. There’s always ways to improve, and the staff have been focussing heavily on developing mathematics across the school, in particular the way in which the children solve problems and use the language of maths. They’ve made huge steps forward, and we can really see the culture change in children’s enthusiasm and aptitude. Doodlemaths has been a huge success also, as well as Accelerated Reader.

This year’s Christmas show has been an enormous success, and I feel the best ever. The children behaved impeccably in the church, and as parents and families, you supported us so very well as a wonderful audience. What a brilliant time we’ve had.

However you spend it, and whether you celebrate Christmas or not, have a wonderful break, and I really hope that you get some quality time together. Enjoy yourselves, and see you next term.

Kindest regards

Mr. Ireland

Head Teacher

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