Little Red Riding Hood Plays!

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The Kittiwakes have been working brilliantly this half term to learn their character’s lines for the Little Red Riding Hood play scripts that we have been reading in class. We have been so impressed with the hard work the children (and parents) have put into learning these plays at home. Thank you all very much!

Yesterday, on Tuesday 27th March, our 5 reading groups performed their plays, complete with props, for different classes around the school!

Groups 1 and 4 went to Preschool, Groups 3 and 5 went to see the Sandpipers and Group 2 went to the Curlews class. All the children who watched the plays thought our Kittiwakes were amazing!! All the adults did too! In fact, Mrs Grocock was so impressed with Group 4, these children went straight upstairs to see Mr Ireland for a golden sticker! But we must say a huge well done to all the groups and a great big thank you to all the parents who have supported their children with this guided reading topic at home.

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