Lana wins the Helen Foundation award!

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We are delighted to announce that this year’s winner of the Helen Foundation Award is Lana.

The staff at Starcross Primary school unanimously chose Lana for her consistent and creative effort throughout her whole school journey. Staff have really enjoyed watching her blossom and put her mind to all creative tasks set. She certainly has a talent and flare for Art, Drama and Music. We could not think of anyone more deserving to receive the award. Here are some of the things that the staff have said about her.

Miss Lax – I remember Lana being brilliant at Art and being very creative when she was in Year 1.

Mrs Watson – Lana has always had a creative and artistic side right through from Reception. It is a happy place for her and she always had some lovely ideas and was very careful with her approach and completion of the task.

Mrs Wilson – Lana’s music has always been creative and she often takes a unique approach to a task. This has been consistent since reception.

Miss Jackson – Lana’s art effort is always of high standard and she produced many lovely pieces during lockdown, with joy – including optional activities. Lana can sing beautifully. She has a good ear for it; she learns a part quickly and sings in tune! She can sing a harmony / alto part, can lead/support a harmony group as her voice is so strong and it carries. She is very reliable in a choir and had a go at writing some lyrics in Year 5. She applies herself fully, as with all tasks.

Mr Collett – Lana is a pupil who always strives to do her very best and then do it a little bit better again! It is a lovely quality to see.

Mrs Vanderford – Lana’s focus on Art is amazing. She perseveres with her ideas and works hard to get it how she wants it. She never gives up! Lana is passionate about her work and it is always finished to a high standard.

Miss Mann – Lana was excellent in the production of ‘The Tempest’ in Year 4. She also did some fabulous artwork in our Egyptians topic. I can recall her singing too, so a well-deserved recipient of the Arts award.

Miss Hirst – Lana always worked hard and seemed to like art. She always took lots of care over what she was doing.

We think you will agree that all of these lovely comments and the Helen Foundation award is completely deserving.

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