Kittiwakes willow and food workshops.

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Last week, Kittiwakes were very lucky to have Janey Fletcher from Easter Hill Nurseries, come in to visit.  As part of our art and design project, Janey was able to come in to support us and supply us with some willow to make our sea creatures.  The children has a lovely time making their sea creatures from willow and then getting sticky with tissue paper and glue.  Please have a look under the Kittiwakes canopy at all of our lovely designs.  Thank you Janey for your expertise and time.

Whilst we took in turns with our willow workshop, the rest of the class ‘ate the rainbow’!  Mrs Grocock and Mrs Baker spent the afternoon showing Kittiwake children how to chop, grate, squeeze and peel many different fruit and vegetables.

We didn’t choose the ‘normal’ variety either.  Children were very good at trying new things.  There was passion fruit, beetroot, butternut squash, figs, limes, sharon fruit, mini corn, pomegranate, cabbage, papaya and more!

We would like to say a big thank you to Sainsbury’s who very kindly donated a £50 voucher for us to be able to buy all of the fruit and vegetables for this workshop.  We used their slogan ‘eat the rainbow’ to show children all the different colours of food that we eat.  We also linked this to our Science understanding about how plants grow.

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