Kittiwakes Aquarium Trip

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Kittiwakes Aquarium trip

4th July 2018

Kittiwakes have been learning all about the seaside from Victorian times up to the present day. On the beach and beneath the waves.  We have sung about it, done lots of Art and DT with it as well as written about it.

We were very excited about our school trip which complemented our curriculum very well. The Plymouth Aquarium seemed the perfect choice.

The day started a little later than planned, but when the bus turned up it was a double decker. What fun!

We arrived at the aquarium for a scientific workshop where we made an egg float in salty water and used different tools (imitating how sea creatures feed) to catch plankton.

We then had a wonderful 2 hour tour of the aquarium.   Joe ‘our guide’ was able to tell us so much about all of the fish who live there.  Some of them have some really funny names too!

Here are some of our favourite pictures.


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