Kattanga the War Horse

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Kattanga, the War Horse!

Congratulations to Monica Lang and Starcross History Group!

At the end of the Summer Term, all the children at Starcross Primary School, were given the very exciting opportunity to work with Monica Lang of Starcross History Group. Monica is a brilliant local artist and she had a vision to create ‘Kattanga,’ the War Horse.

The finished sculpture formed part of Teignmouth’s 14th annual Sculpture Trail. To participate in TRAIL (Teignmouth Recycled Art In the Landscape), sculptures need to be made out recycled materials. There were 21 sculptures submitted (from 19 artists and community groups) all highlighting powerful environmental messages.

Monica invited our pupils to participate in this exciting project at the start of the year and we are all so very grateful to have had this wonderful opportunity. Working alongside Monica, allowed us to be part of this fantastic, local community event, and provided cross-curricular links to Art, History and Geography!

Over 1500 people voted for their favourite sculpture, and we are delighted to announce that, Kattanga won first prize for the Public Vote!

War Horse by Starcross Primary School and Starcross History Group, led by Monica Lang

“Kattanga the War Horse, watches the galloping pollution of the oceans and the sea creatures. It’s hard to tell our Sid Squids apart from the vast rafts of plastic which float in the 5 oceans. Kattanga is made entirely from black plastic, which further emphasises that we must cut our use of plastic. The carbon black pigment is not detectable to infra-red optical sorting equipment, so UK recycling plants are unable to identify and divert black plastic for recycling.”

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