Isca Dumnoniorum

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On Friday 18th March, Razorbills went on a trip to Exeter to learn about Roman Exeter or Isca Dumnoniorum as it was known nearly 2000 years ago!

We started at the Catherdral, where underneath our very feet were Roman baths. They were originally excavated in 1971 but were covered over again. There are pictures of the excavation available on the Internet, which we have all looked at in History lessons.

We then walked around to some of the original Roman wall. We learnt that the Romans had the outer wall as the highest point so that they could duck down behind it if attacked by the barbarians! We also learnt that the wall was 3m thick! Around 70% of the Roman Wall is still around Exeter today!

We continued to a church that had been bombed in World War II. When the floor was excavated, a partial Roman mosaic was found underneath. This mosaic had been taken to Exeter Museum where we saw it later on that day.

We had lunch behind the museum, sat on some of the Roman wall. Luckily, the weather was great (as you can see from some of the pictures). Afterwards we went into the museum and had a look at everything, including the mosaic from the bombed house and a model of Isca. There was also a Roman helmet and some clothing to try.

It was a lovely day had by all!

Thanks for all the understanding shown by parents when we made a late arrival back at school! I can only apologise for any inconvenience caused. I’ll learn how to tell the time before the next trip! Also, thanks to Mrs Baker, Laura Rawlings and Kirsten Sampson for coming with us and supporting the day and having a sense of humour when we were in Exeter for longer than anticipated!

Please enjoy the photos of our day!

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