Harvest Festival

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Another year has flown by and the Harvest Festival was a moment in time where we could think about all the good things we have, especially relating to the hard work people do to give us food and crops. Also, to think about those who aren’t as fortunate as us.

All the classes did such a good job with their performances ranging from poetry, songs, rapping and prayers. It was lovely to see such a mixture across the school. The children did so well with the singing too, especially ‘Big, Red Combine Harvester’  – a definite favourite!

Thank you for all that fabulous, fresh fruit and veg that you contributed too.  The boxes that got delivered around Starcross looked lovely and were appreciated by many people. The Year 6 did a great job delivering them all and represented the school well.

Thank you for coming and supporting the performance too and donating to the school charity too.

Please enjoy the photos below.








Whole school


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