Guess the Book!

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In Razorbills on World Book Day, we played guess the traditional fairy tale. Children had to a piece of paper with a well known book on it, then come up with 3 photographs from that book, which they had to act. From this, the rest of the class had to guess the book from the photographs they created.

We had great fun doing this as you can see from the photos. See if you can also guess the book!

We also drew pictures of our favourite characters from books for our reading corner. ‘Harry Potter’ characters and ‘Diary of a Whimpy Kid’ seemed to be popular choices.

Well done Razorbills for embracing World Book Day!

Razorbills 1

Razorbills 2

Razorbills 3

Razorbills 4

Razorbills 5

Razorbills 6


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