Grandma and Grandpa’s Nativity Story

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Yesterday, there were two fabulous performances of the Christmas production ‘Grandma and Grandpa’s Nativity Story.’ It told the traditional nativity in rhyming couplets with songs throughout to help tell the story.

Mrs Vanderford had worked hard with a group of children to write the script from the viewpoint of grandparents telling the Christmas story to 4 children who wouldn’t go to bed and sleep on Christmas Eve!

All of the Puffins had worked together with three children from Razorbill’s to learn their lines and show their creative and acting talents to the audience. Alongside this, the whole school sang songs energetically and beautifully, directed by Mrs Wilson and her enthusiastic gestures!

All in all, they were wonderful performances and everyone had a fantastic evening. Thank you to all the children who returned for the evening performance too. 

Huge thanks to all the staff at Starcross for helping to put on such a show. Special thanks to Mrs Vanderford for being director and producer of the acting, Mrs Wilson for being musical director supported in assemblies by Mrs Corline and Mr. Dorrington for a guest appearance as Santa. 

 Well done Starcross Primary School!







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