Get Ready for the LAUNCH!

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A group of fabulous children joined an after school club, ‘Art and Literacy Club’ with Ms. Muldoon and Mrs Quayle to create some amazing art work on settings and wrote a clever rhyming story to accompany them.

The stimulus for the story was travelling the Riviera Railway Line on the Citizens’ Rail Train. The children had to imagine they were on the train and their adventures would take them into magical, faraway lands each time they stopped. They then created these settings using a range of media which illustrated the pictures in their imagination. The train stopped in: Teignmouth—where the dragons came, Torquay—which was the Devil’s fortress, Dawlish—where the train turned into a submarine and went on an aqua adventure! These were just a few of the stops!

The project was sponsored by the Devon and Cornwall Rail Partnership, which meant that the book could be published. They each received a copy of the book as co-authors and we had a book launch to celebrate their hard work and effort.

Many thanks to Ms. Muldoon and Mrs Quayle (and other supporting adults) for giving the children the opportunity to create such an inspiring piece of work that they can treasure and keep. Not many children aged between 8-11 can say they are a published author!

Well done all of you!

Get Ready for the LAUNCH!


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