George the Phonics Bear Goes Missing!

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In Sandpipers, something terrible happened just before half term… George, the phonics bear, went missing in the week before half term. No one knew initially what had happened to him but all the children in Sandpipers, who were super heroes for the week, were really worried about him and started to think about who may have taken him and how to get him back.

Across the week, they used some clever investigating skills to discover that the villain, Venom had taken him! Where had he taken George?

The children wrote letters to Venom practicing their writing skills. Some asked for George back, some were trying to trick Venom by asking him to a party. The clever Sandpipers also set a trap to try and catch Venom using a large net.

Do you think they got George back?

Were the superheroes in Sandpipers successful?

Here’s the video about what happened…

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