Final STEM workshop!

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On Wednesday 13th November, it was the final STEM workshop of this batch of 6. The children recapped on their learning across the 6 weeks and had a final practical session to take brilliant photos. They needed to think of their angles, heights, distances, perspective, light and shade, silhouettes, etc to create various effects with their cameras. I was really happy to be able to attend this last session so that I could see the children’s development and progress with their photography.

As you can see from the range of photos below, the children were able to create many effects with their cameras as well as learning the technical vocabulary for the effects they were trying to achieve.

Many thanks to Sarah, who came in from the Picture Train to run these sessions with us and share her expertise in the field. There are other sessions I am thinking of booking in the future, so please let me know if this is something your child would be interested in.

Well done to all the children who attended. It was lovely to have a mixture of children from Year 2-6.


An example of panning – having someone in focus but the background is blurred because they are moving.

Forced perspective – creating an illusion of sizing due to the angle of the camera and the distance between subjects

Silhouettes – creating a silhouetted image with a bright background

Creating a focal point at the end of lines

Light and shade – using an interesting light to create the image. The light from the tablet screen was used here.

Well done to all the children!

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